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Virginia Beach Travel Guide

Virginia Beach is one of the hottest vacation locations with many beach front activities and events.  Neighboring cities also share a lot of complimentary things to do.  There are a lot of options when trying to decide what to do and what to see during Virginia Beach traveling.  With such a large selection how do you decide what to do, where to stay, and where to eat?  You need a Virginia Beach travel guide.

First off remember that Virginia Beach is sunny, especially during the summer, it is important to plan to spend a lot of time in the sun whether on the beach or at a variety of attractions.  Sunblock and/or sun protection are a must for Virginia Beach travel.


Typically you can find the best Virginia Beach hotels on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  These hotels have beach access or are within five minutes’ walk of the beach.  No matter which beach side hotel you choose you will get one of the highest rated hotels just by looking at the boardwalk. Find out more about VA Beach hotels here: https://www.vabeach.com/virginia-beach-hotels/


Just like with hotels when most people think of shopping at Virginia Beach they think of the Boardwalk.  Many of the best places to shop are located along the three-mile stretch of path that follows the beach.  The boardwalk is easy to navigate for shopping, you can rent bikes, rollerblades, or other self-propelled methods of transportation at extremely good rates or even walk down a separate protected lane.

There is more to Virginia Beach shopping than the Boardwalk though.  Just inland from the Boardwalk you can find Atlantic Avenue and many additional shops can be found lining Atlantic Avenue and the side streets.  This is to say nothing of one of the largest malls on the East Coast, Lynnhaven Mall, which has over 180 different stores and many other things to do from places to eat to a movie theatre.

Things To Do

If you’re looking for things to do you will find no lack in Virginia Beach.  For those that have had enough of the beach and boardwalk there are still many options too.  For example there are a selection of local farmers markets that you can sample throughout the week.  Each one of these farmer markets will showcase locally grown foods and fish that you can often get samples of.

With all of the water at Virginia Beach there are plenty of different beach based activities to do.  You can rent a boat, go on a boat tour, fish, or even parasail.  For those that are more young at heart you can rent jet skis to tour the beaches yourself.  Of course there is always snorkeling and scuba diving.

Virginia Beach also has several museums including a Coast Guard Museum, Military Aviation Museum, and several smaller museums.  The local aquarium is also a must see for any kids visiting the area.


Virginia Beach is graced with tons of events each summer. The Farm Bureau Live which is a large amphitheater offering regular concerts from some of the biggest names in the music industry.  Artist from all over the industry come, including: Country, hip hop, rock and more.  Look no further for an amazing even for your trip to Virginia Beach.  Sit on the grass for even more fun.

You can’t miss the summer fireworks that are on display multiple dates throughout the season.  With over 9 shows in July and eight in August it is easy to ensure that your trip encompasses one of the many shows.  These fireworks displays will leave you and your kids speechless.


Like with just about everything else some of the best restaurants can be found within a block of the Boardwalk if not right on the Boardwalk.  Restaurants very from Italian to seafood and anywhere in between.  There is quite selection and it is hard to find a bad restaurant in Virginia Beach.

For those that are looking for something that is a little more casual you can visit the Lynnhaven mall for your traditional chain restaurant experiences.  The mall also makes a wonderful place to have lunch and escape the heat.